Born in Tunis, he arrived in France at the age of four and grew up in the 9th district of Paris, between the squares and the communal school. He will begin to draw, inspired by Chinese classmates. It is the learning of the precision, the concentration and the love of beauty. Painting will quickly become a necessity.
He is orienting himself towards a career in a different field but he will always combine his profession with painting.
His symbolic choice will be based on Stephen Zweig’s literary research. He implements creations that express the divine moment when the painter, after his impulse, receives the grace that illuminates and reveals it; it is this moment that he seeks to suggest in order to elaborate his work.
Surrealist lover and unconditional lover of Magritte, it is the idea, the concept, the relation to the work, the dialogue, the communication between them and the viewer who count for him.
He continues his search for new modes of representation by using space, color and the canvas itself, which he wants to be alive and stakeholder.
This is the culmination for him of Impressionists, Expressionists, Cubists and the Surrealist search.
If he wants to be modern and contemporary painter, he is above all a conceptual and a mental artist because he uses art to describe an idea, a thought.
The colors, the material and the substantive support survive and continue to participate as inseparable goods, to building this stuff of this wonderful and enchanting thing called “artwork “.
This work began in the 80s, stopped for many years and is now resuming, refined, exalted, and in joy.